WMF Espresso

The shiny new machine (before taking it apart)

View From the right

Boiler Detail from the right. On the left is the Economizer for the boiler fill/water tap, on the right the Presostat (a microswitch with a rubber membrane).

View from the left, on top is the false pressure relieve valve, safety valve and steam wand attachment. Below is the level probe on left, heating element in the middle and on the lower right is the attachment of the presssure gauge. On the left in the background is the expansion valve on top of the pump.

View from the left, the Ulka pump is to the left of the boiler, the expansion valve is on top of the pump.

View from top front, with the steam valve on the left, the massive brew head, with the 3way solenoid and the solenoid for the water tap.

From the top, the back of the machine with the Boiler

Power attachment for the boiler water inlet. Water line pressure regulator for the brew path to the pump on the bottom right.

Boiler detail with economizer on the left.

Boiler detail with presostat. The pipe on the right side of the boiler goes to a rubber membrane on top of a brass plate which drives a micro switch (hidden under the black cover).

Boiler from the back side. Presostat to the left. Pump with expansion valve on the right hand side.

From the back, looking at the bottom. a bit of dirt, but nothing crucial. Notice the insulation on all tubes that still have cold water.

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